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Post  Charmlock on Thu Sep 04, 2008 7:57 pm

Name: Kamil Çakın

Age: 25

Country: Turkey

Other info: - Such as your job or education issues we may need to know.

I am working for a company about sports and summer - winter camps

Character Name: Charmlock

Class: Warlock

Level: 70

Race: Human

Armory Link & Spec:

0/21/40 Destruction - Shadow

Professions: - Tell us if you have any rare or interesting recipes.
Tailoring - Herbalism

You may expected to respec to another build permanantly or temporarly if your guild wants you to be, would that be a issue for you?: Nope.

We raid 3 nights a week on Wednesday, thursday and sunday. There might be one more night temporarly added depending on our current situation of progress.Raid times are between 19:00ST-23:00ST. Would that suit for you? Yes. Those days and houre are perfect for me.

Current Guild: Dont have a guild atm

Previous guilds and raiding experince – Including the ones before Burning Crusade. Mystery - Pernicious - Blue.
Karazhan - Cleared
ZA - Cleared
Gruul - Cleared
Maggy - Cleared
SSC - Cleared
TK - Ka'el left
MH - Archi left
BT - 4/9

Reason of leaving current guild: First i was at Mystery. I left this guild because i am one of the founder of Pernicious - Guild. After Mystery i created Pernicious with some my irl friends.. We moved very long way in 3 months.. At summer we were disbanded cause some officers left guild and i went to my summer job. I joined Blue 2 weeks ago and made some MH runs. Blue disbanded 2 days ago cause 3 officers left the guild..

Connection speed and type: DSL - 1024

You will be expected to be able to speak and listen on ventrilo, can you? Yes.

Tell us what does “wipe” and “raid” words mean to you?: Wipe = this ll never happen again if we know our faults.. Raid = is for friendship and succesfull on the game.. I love this game ..

Finally, if you have anything to add or explain about you type on here please.

TY for reading it..

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