Read before making an application to us.

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Read before making an application to us. Empty Read before making an application to us.

Post  Selfshot on Sun Aug 17, 2008 11:54 pm

is founded by a band of RL / WoW mates on 22.07.08 to find a new shelter in the lands of Azeroth, Outland and hopefully soon Northrend.

You might ask about the name we chose for guild. Well i had loads of whispers in game about that. The point is, most of the founders of the guild were bored of the game, bored of silly progress, incompatible guild leaders. Some of us including me were about to quit this game and some of us already did. The whole idea to reroll / migrate to unite in Ravencrest came out to seek a refuge to play peacefully and catch a rock solid raiding progress.. And so, we are back!

Our aim is to reach the best and furthest progression as much as we can while raiding only 3 nights a week. We will keep raiding both 10 and 25man dungeons while waiting upcoming expansion pack Wrath of the Lich King. During this time, we hope and try to become a solid 25man raiding guild, get used to each other and be prepared for Wotlk raiding.

Guild needs you to have fully focused when raiding, you must be using consumables (potions,flasks,food) since we raid 3 nights a week it wouldnt be such a big deal.

When you are making an application please be serious and honest about it.

And finally, your main character will be the one you applied to us. You simply can not change your main character.

If you don't feel to be fit in these circumstances please do not bother to make an application.


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