Eviq - Destruction lock --- Accepted

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Eviq - Destruction lock --- Accepted

Post  Eviq on Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:08 am

Name: Marius

Age: 17

Country: Norway

Other info: Studying

Character Name: Eviq

Class: Warlock

Level: 70

Race: Gnome

Armory Link & Spec: http://eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Ravencrest&n=Eviq

Professions: Skilling enchanting, aswell as tailoring soon

You may expected to respec to another build permanently or temporarily if your guild wants you to be, would that be a issue for you?: It will be no issue at all, and I doubt it will be nessesary for quite a while, as destruction is the best PvE spec for locks atm.

We raid 3 nights a week on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. There might be one more night temporarily added depending on our current situation of progress.Raid times are between 19:00ST-23:00ST. Would that suit for you? This will not be any problem at all, suits me perfectly. (Used to 5 days/week.)

Current Guild: Just a guild of my IRL friends.

Previous guilds and raiding experience – Including the ones before Burning Crusade: I started playing WoW after TBC got released. My main was originally a rogue at Magtheridon (Horde). With him I've raided Kara, Gruul, Maggy, ZA 6/6, SSC full, TK full, as well as 4/5 MH and up to and included Teron in BT. (4/9)

Reason of leaving current guild: My guild is currently just for fun and having a place to chat together, so nothing important. My old chars guild disbanded and I stopped playing the character.

Connection speed and type: 14mbit cable.

You will be expected to be able to speak and listen on ventrilo, can you? Either VT or TS works fine for me.

Tell us what does “wipe” and “raid” words mean to you?:
Wipe: Wiping is a natural part of raiding, especially progress raids. I'll consider myself as one with good patience, and having no problem wiping over and over.
Raid: Progressing through new content and new bosses is a great feeling, to not talk about the loots Smile

Finally, if you have anything to add or explain about you type on here please.
You'll probably see that my char got about 1 pvp item and the blue wrists. These two are getting improved asap, aswell as the head enchant from Sha'tar, which is a must. I got pretty good experience and I pretty much know what I'm doing. Smile This char is one I levled in 5 days after I stopped playing my rogue, and has pretty low /played. I'm getting badges to improve the gear, as my pants. Generally I'm just a dude with a new main looking for some good progress and gear improvements.

P.S.: Just did Gruul, Maggy and Lurker with you.



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Eviq - Destruction lock --- Accepted

Post  Selfshot on Mon Aug 25, 2008 12:41 am

Thank you Eviq for your application. You need to work on your weak pieces of gear. But rest is fairly enough.
drop me a whisper in game for the inv.


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Post  Eviq on Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:49 pm

Thank you very much. Smile Cya in game.


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Re: Eviq - Destruction lock --- Accepted

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