Applictaion- Smas 70 destro warlock --- REJECTED

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Applictaion- Smas 70 destro warlock --- REJECTED Empty Applictaion- Smas 70 destro warlock --- REJECTED

Post  Guest on Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:28 pm

Name: Rafe

Age: 15

Country: England

Other info: - Such as your job or education issues we may need to know.


Character name: Smas

Class: Warlock

Level: 70

Race: Gnome

Armory link & Spec: Destruction

Professions: - Tailoring 226 still skilling it

You may expected to respec to another build permanantly or temporarly if your guild wants you to be, would that be a issue for you?: Of course not if it helps the guild i will do it

We raid 3 nights a week on Wednesday, thursday and sunday. There might be one more night temporarly added depending on our current situation of progress.Raid times are between 19:00ST-23:00ST. Would that suit for you?
Honestly these are the best days for me!

Current Guild: none

Previous guilds + raid EXP: Simpices and many others on a diff realm. KZ, Gruuls, ZA

Reason for leaving guild: disabanded Sad

Connection speed and type: Airport extreme, dunno the speed.

I can listen on ventrillo but it doesnt work with my computer

What do wipe and raid mean to you?: Wipe is either a bad pull or we did not know the boss/raid and we can learn from our mistakess. Raid means a time for fun and to get better gear!


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Applictaion- Smas 70 destro warlock --- REJECTED Empty Applictaion- Smas 70 destro warlock --- REJECTED

Post  Selfshot on Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:28 am

Thank you for applying.

But i have to be honest here, if you apply to PVE guild you shall make it by showing us something worth to inv you.
When i look at your gear, many of your gear are non-enchanted or misenchanted. Even if you have to use some parts of PVP gear on you, gemming those pieces should be PVE gems.

Another thing caught my attention is that you don't have another prof rather than tailoring. Since gold gives us all the advantage you should have picked up and max-skilled one imo. I usually don't pay so much attention to players' proffesions but keeping one prof slot empty doesn't sound wise to me.

Anyways, you can re-apply us when you significantly improve your character so we can take a better look.

Good luck


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